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      MgO-C Bricks for EAF

      • Brand :KS

      MgO-C Bricks for EAF

      1. Detailed information

      KS MgO-C bricks cover a full range of resin-bonded MgO- C bricks. The bricks are made of pure flake graphite and large fused crystal magnesia which has high purity and density. Added with special antioxidant and takes resins as binders and finally shaped under high pressure. This series of products are mainly used on the parts of EAF working lining which are in direct contact with molten steel and slag.

      EAF MgO-C bricks from KS are selected based on the EAF structures, different application areas , and the operating conditions of the EAF. These bricks are made with high-pressure molding and feature high refractoriness, good resistance to basic slag during steelmaking and high resistance to thermal shock.

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