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      Fast Baking Refractory Castable for Runner

      • Brand :KS

      Fast Baking Refractory Castable for Runner

      1. Detailed information

      This product adopts high quality fused alumina, bauxite and SiC as main raw material, which is mixed with quick-drying agent. Tapping can be done after 2-3 hours baking, which will significantly enhance the tapping operation efficiency.

      It inherits excellent properties such as long service life, easy construction and low consumed quantity of a standard castable. It adopts as well the advantage of short baking time of a standard ramming mix. This combination of advantages makes it an ideal refractory product for runner of small-sized and medium-size blast furnace. Depending on different subtype, it can be applied to main runner, slag skimmer, iron runner and slag runner respectively.

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